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Harwind - medical equipment (medical technology) for equipping clinics

HARWIND is a company that carefully selects partners for cooperation!

We have never worked, do not work and will not work with Russian companies!

Our priority is decent, reliable partners who profess universal human values.

Despite all the difficulties and dangers, we do our best to keep our company working, so that the country's medical system can save and treat people, and save jobs.

So, today we are working in the following mode:

The sales department works from Monday to Friday (09:00 - 18:00), please contact us at 067 350 07 29 and 067 350 67 74 (Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp are available).

The Service Centre works seven days a week and tries to help everyone, please contact the following numbers:
044 364 84 84 Harwind Service Centre;
067 350 68 75 Volodymyr, Regional Engineer, Lviv;
067 719 73 81 Maxim, Regional Engineer, Odesa.
Our engineers will advise you online and, if possible, accept equipment for repair.
Delivery is carried out by Nova Poshta, delivery times may vary (depending on the region).

The Training Centre conducts events in regions where there are no hostilities. Terms and conditions of training are agreed individually. For more details, please call 067 350 07 53 (Vyacheslav).

To victory with HARWIND!

About the company
Harwind is a Ukrainian company that deals with the systematic equipment of medical facilities of various formats with progressive medical equipment.On the principle of: Sale | Service | Training. Not just sell and install, but support, teach and stay close - an approach that helped us to gain the trust of our clients in 8 years of our work, including a network of private clinics "Dobrobut", the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the United Nations., World Bank for Reconstruction and Development.As a result from our equipment customer Not only gets the maximum benefit for their patients, but also in the process of cooperation with us mastering new skills and knowledge, increasing not only the efficiency of his clinic, but also his professional value. More

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  • Obstetric equipment
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  • Endoscopic equipment
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  • Ultrasound diagnostics
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Connection with us
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Our equipment
Our equipment is installed in medical institutions all over Ukraine

Harwind - the best medical equipment

Harwind is a Ukrainian company that offers a fresh look at medical equipment for clinics with new equipment and provides the highest level of service. We work for our clients, so that everyone gets the expected result.

Advantages of Harwind

The main priority of buying medical equipment in Ukraine from Harwind is our comprehensive product. After all, each clinic has its own tasks and needs.

Thus, the client's needs can be met with a comprehensive solution:

  1. Medical equipment in Kyiv can be viewed before purchase: in the showroom or in reference clinics, like Harwind.
  2. A wide variety of medical equipment packages and the possibility of their addition, the equipment can be assembled and customised for specific tasks of the clinic.
  3. The applicant doctor trains the clinic staff to work with this particular medical equipment, taking into account the tasks assigned to this equipment. For example, in the case of endoscopic medical equipment for clinics, we teach not only doctors how to care for it (proper maintenance), but also focus on working in a doctor-nurse team, reducing the risk of breakdowns due to improper care.
  4. Maintenance and support of equipment. Usually, supplier companies provide only warranty and limited post-warranty service. Therefore, when the warranty period has expired, the clinic must look for repair specialists on its own. Sometimes this becomes a problem for the doctor working on the equipment. But not in the case of a comprehensive solution that includes full warranty service, technical inspections, and original spare parts. And after the warranty period, we always stay close to the client and are ready to help with repairs or maintenance."

Choosing a reliable medical equipment supplier is a guarantee of high-quality service and customer safety. Shopping is as profitable as possible with Harwind.

Assortment of medical equipment for clinics from Harwind

HARWIND is engaged in the following areas of medical equipment in Ukraine:

To buy medical equipment in Ukraine, just place an order on the website. You can also call the contact phone number to order medical equipment.

Buy medical equipment in Ukraine

Work on the basis of the principle: sale|service|training is the methodology that has earned us the trust of the most demanding customers. We not only sell and install medical equipment in Ukraine, we also support, train and are always ready to lend a helping hand. We offer to order medical equipment taking into account three basic rules:

  1. SALE. A variety of offers for reasonable money can solve any problem of equipping clinics of different levels and formats.
  2. SERVICE. This is the support of our client to ensure the smooth operation of medical equipment. We take care of the equipment while you take care of the people. We train teams of doctors on how to operate and work with medical equipment to improve diagnosis and treatment. We want doctors to be able to use the functionality of the equipment to 100%, make their daily routine easier and positively affect the quality and life expectancy of each patient.

Service and repair of medical equipment is carried out both in the service centre and in any locality of Ukraine. The price of medical equipment for clinics will pleasantly please you, and excellent service will strike you to the heart.