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Ultrasonic endoscopes

  • Depth of field
    • 3-100 mm
  • Field of view angle
    • 140°
    • 140° (forward/tilt 40°)
  • Diameter of the distal end
    • 11.4 mm
    • 13.9 mm
  • Diameter of the endoscope
    • 11.5 mm
    • 12.4 mm
  • Diameter of the tool channel
    • 2.8 mm
    • 3.8 mm
  • Rotation angles (up/down)
    • 190°/90°
    • 150°/150°
  • Turning angles (left/right)
    • 100°/100°
    • 120°/120°
  • Working length
    • 1250 mm
  • Frequency
    • 5 MHz, 7.5 MHz, 10 MHz, 12 MHz
  • Scanning method
    • electronic 360° radial
    • electronic convection 150°

Ultrasonic endoscopes are used for endosonography - these are endoscopes that are equipped with a built-in ultrasound transducer. When used, it is possible to perform not only endoscopic examinations, but also ultrasound scanning of the internal walls of the gastrointestinal tract and respiratory tract.

Ultrasonic endoscopes: Harwind range

The Harwind catalogue includes ultrasound endoscopes from the global medical equipment manufacturer Fujifilm. In order to reduce patient discomfort and increase the efficiency of doctors, Fujifilm engineers have developed the Sonart system, which combines ultrasound diagnostics and endoscopy.

The new Fujifilm SU-1 ultrasound processor features patented image processing technology in a compact body to support accurate diagnoses with a variety of image processing modes, including high-resolution B-mode.

Buy an ultrasound endoscope in Ukraine

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