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Cardiology equipment


Purpose of medical cardiology equipment

Cardiology is one of the largest branches of medicine, the main task of which is to study the cardiovascular system, its structure, development and basic functions, as well as to diagnose and treat it. The highest mortality rate in the world is caused by cardiovascular diseases, so it is very important to carry out early diagnosis and prevention of the cardiovascular system, but this is almost impossible without high-quality and high-tech equipment.

The main task of a cardiologist is to make a timely and correct diagnosis using cardiology equipment. Thanks to this equipment, it is possible to prescribe effective treatment not only for coronary and hypertensive diseases, congenital or acquired heart defects, but also for many other pathological conditions that can cause cardiac arrest or malfunction.

Types of equipment for cardiology

The main place in cardiology equipment is occupied by an electrocardiograph, which is used to perform electrocardiography, a method of graphically recording electrical discharges on the body surface that occur in the heart muscle during work. The curve reflecting the electrical activity of the heart is called an electrocardiogram (ECG). An ECG is a record of the potential difference fluctuations that occur in the heart during its excitation.

An ECG is one of the main methods of diagnosing diseases of the cardiovascular system; it is indispensable in the diagnosis of rhythm disturbances, coronary heart disease, hypertrophy, allows detecting dystrophic and sclerotic processes in the myocardium, and provides a high level of accuracy in determining the location of focal myocardial changes, their prevalence, depth and time of occurrence.

Holter ECG monitoring is also considered to be highly informative and effective. This method is widely used in hospitals and outpatient clinics to diagnose coronary heart disease (CHD), cardiac rhythm and conduction disorders, as well as to assess the effectiveness of cardiovascular disease treatment and evaluate the functioning of implanted devices. ECG signals can be recorded continuously for 24-48 hours. The data recorded on the device (memory card) is decoded on a computer during the diagnosis.

Therefore, a cardiac ambulance should be equipped with the most modern equipment:

  • - portable ECG machine,
  • - biphasic defibrillator,
  • - artificial lung ventilation device,
  • - syringe pumps,
  • - pulse oximeter and other necessary equipment.

The following equipment is used in inpatient cardiology departments

  • - electrocardiographs, both portable and stationary,
  • - ECG and blood pressure (BP) monitors,
  • - ultrasound machines,
  • - artificial lung ventilation devices,
  • - oxygen concentrators,
  • - syringe dispensers,
  • - defibrillators,
  • - patient monitors.

Equipment for the cardiology department: the Harwind range

Our company offers high quality and modern equipment for cardiology: portable and stationary electrocardiographs, electrocardiography and blood pressure monitors from leading foreign companies Heaco and Mindray.

Each electrocardiograph has a display and a built-in thermal printer, and some models are equipped with telemetry, built-in Wi-Fi, which allows the cardiograph to send and receive ECG reports to a telemetry server, i.e. to a doctor's workstation from the ward or ambulance. Also, most cardiographs can be powered by AC mains and battery, and are equipped with a modern error filtering system and data storage. Expert-class models of cardiographs have a built-in ECG analysis algorithm and are able to analyse the received waveforms, measure the output signals and make a diagnosis.

Buy cardiology equipment at Harwind

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