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Artificial lung ventilation devices

  • Ventilation modes
    • V-A/C, P-A/C, V-SIMV, P-SIMV, PRVC-SIMV, CPAP, PSV, Duolevel, PRVC (PCTV), APRV, NIV, AMV, apnoea ventilation.
    • NIV, V-A/C, P-A/C, V-SIMV, P-SIMV, CPAP/PSV, PSV-S/T, PRVC, PRVC-SIMV, DuoLevel, APRV, VS, AMV, CPRV, nCPAP, apnoea ventilation
  • Display.
    • 12.1 inches
    • 15.6 inches/18.5 inches
  • Weight
    • 10 kg (main unit, without mobile stand)
    • 18 kg (main unit)
  • Respiratory volume
    • 20-2000 ml
    • 2-4000 ml (optional)
  • SpO2 measurement range
    • 0-100%
  • CO2 measurement range
    • 0-99 mmHg
    • 0 - 152 mmHg
  • USB port
    • 1
  • RJ45 port
    • 1
  • Operating time on a single battery
    • 120 minutes
    • 90 minutes

Severe patients require mechanical ventilation or due to complications of respiratory and viral diseases. Lung ventilators are designed to saturate the blood with oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the lungs.

Lung ventilators: Harwind range

The Harwind catalogue contains ventilators from leading medical equipment manufacturers SLE and Mindray.

SLE is a leader in the production of ventilators for newborns. Due to the high-frequency oscillatory ventilation mode, the child's life is under the close control of the doctor.

Mindray universal ventilators are suitable for ventilation and respiratory support for patients of all ages: adults, children, newborns. The convenient screen gives a complete picture of the patient's condition.

Buy a ventilator in Ukraine

Harwind offers to buy lung ventilators to equip clinics of any format. The company's specialists will advise on the selection of equipment, pre-sales training and warranty service. Our company's functions include training the clinic team to work with the new equipment.

The service centre is located in Kyiv. Service managers also travel to the place of equipment maintenance in all regions of Ukraine.

After the purchase of the ventilators, Harwind specialists provide training for your team. This speeds up the commissioning of the equipment. Doctors will acquire new knowledge and skills that will be useful in their professional activities.

To receive an individual commercial offer, please call us or fill out the application form on the website.