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Vacuum wound therapy pumps


What is a vacuum wound therapy device?

It is a portable suction device that promotes wound healing. It is powered by the AC mains. The device promotes wound healing by removing exudates and infectious material (preparing the wound for closure), reducing swelling and jointly tightening the wound edges with constant or intermittent pressure.

LAC therapy pumps are also used to protect exposed areas from contamination and infection. This is particularly useful for patients with chronic, acute, traumatic wounds, partial burns, ulcers (e.g. diabetic), valves and transplants.

Where is the vacuum wound therapy pump used?

The device can be applied to various types of chronic wounds that are difficult to treat with standard wet and dry dressings:

  • - Burns; 
  • - Vascular ulcers;
  •  - Surgical wounds; 
  • - Trauma wounds; 
  • - Diabetic ulcers.
At the same time, a vacuum pump for wound therapy should only be used by professionals in a hospital setting.

How to choose a surgical suction pump?

There are a number of criteria to consider:

  • - vacuum range;
  • -supported therapy modes;
  • - availability of accessories 

Why buy a medical surgical aspirator from Harwind?

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