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Medical endoscopes


Endoscopes are medical equipment used for endoscopy. These are fibre-optic devices that consist of a flexible and working part controlled by a handle. At the end of the endoscope, there is a miniature video chip, the image from which is processed by the processor and displayed on the screen. In medicine, the use of endoscopes is an important component of the diagnosis of various diseases and pathologies; it allows not only to look inside the cavity of human organs, but is also used for surgical interventions through insertion into the patient's body.

Types of medical endoscopes

The Harwind catalogue includes modern, high-quality and multifunctional flexible video endoscopes from the leading Japanese manufacturer Fujifilm, which are divided into

  • - gastroscopes (for examination of the upper parts of the digestive tract: stomach and oesophagus),
  • - gastroduodenoscopes (for examination of the duodenum),
  • - enteroscopes (to diagnose the condition of the small intestine),
  • - colonoscopes (for examination of the colon cavity),
  • - bronchoscopes (examination of the respiratory tract).

Buy a medical endoscope in Ukraine

The Harwind catalogue contains Fujifilm medical endoscopes characterised by a high degree of visualisation. The use of an LED light source with a combination of several diodes allows combining different illumination spectra. For example, LCI mode (linked colour mode) allows for clearer contouring of the mucosa and identification of inflammatory processes in it, as red tones are much easier to distinguish than in white light mode. BLI mode (blue-light imaging) allows you to observe superficial vascular and mucosal structures due to the absorption of short wavelengths by haemoglobin.

Harwind offers a huge variety of diagnostic medical equipment and a competitive price offer. This is a prompt solution to the issues of equipping clinics of any format and full service support. Harwind has a service that ensures continuous operation of the equipment. This is achieved through the availability of a replacement stock, a quick response to requests and a high level of technical specialists.